Feb 06 2017

02/06/2017 Posting: Building/developing a new website, sorting pics of previously completed art projects, to post on AW/, planning new design/subject fine art proposals for my one man show in June 2017. It's coming moving right along. Happy w/ will consist of Oil, Acrylic and Watercolor mediums. A few mixed medium paintings and drawings, if I have time to produce on my busy Love Child, not so much a love child anymore...He is my primary interest and devotion. Love him dearly! As a single parent, at 74, I am digging/loving the challenge. I wish to extend my appreciation to all posted comments on my past and present art uploads, to AW. Thanks, DNW

Jan 29 2017

01/29/2017: Heads Up!. Artist selected fine art from my AW folio, Original paintings and AW product reproductions, are scheduled to go on sale August 2017. For my most recent fine art paintings (from January 2017), originals including AW Reproductions will be available for sale o/a September 2017. If you see something in my AW Folio, Email me and post your interest/concerns. /

Jan 26 2017

01/26/2017: Got over my artist block, and shifting into full gear, working in full earnest on my art projects. The painting is taking on a life of its own. I love arriving at this point in the painting, it's like singing along with Mitch, who is much better at keeping a tune...amazing moments happen when creative suggestions begin to poor. Makes me want to return, and finish the adventure of painting. Just like when I first exposed to painting for the very first time...over and over again. Love it!

Jan 22 2017

01/22/2017-My AW blog overview: At present- after a year and a half layoff painting, I am back.. head down elbows up, working on my first one man show (ever), scheduled for July 2017...Daily progress blog updates will be posted.

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